Norfolk Development Group, Ltd. (VN) is honorably awarded with the President’s Third-class Labor Medals to the company and the chairman Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hoang as well as celebrating the Company’s 15th Anniversary of Investment License although the Company has operated and invested in Vietnam market since 1990. The event is hold at Norfolk Mansion with the presence of the representatives of Vietnamese Government, Australian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, partners and friends of Norfolk Group’s.

As a 100% foreign invested company, the investment license was officially issued in July 9th, 1998. Norfolk Development Group Ltd., Vietnam has been contributing to the social and economic development through their investment arms in Vietnam. From the early days of operation, Norfolk Group has provided construction consultancy and management services for a lot of real estate projects in HCMC such as Norfolk Hotel, Norfolk Mansion, TMS, PDD, SDI and Tan Da Court. The company’s contributions include providing employment for over 400 staff.

The Chief Executive Officer of Norfolk Group shared “The Company has shown its enthusiasm with social charitable activities especially in District 1, District 2 of HCMC with the participation in the Funds to help the Poor and provide the unfortunate students and pupils with adequate financial aids to be able to go to school.

With the recorded achievements, Norfolk Development Group Ltd., Vietnam and The Chairman – Mr. Thanh Hoang Nguyen are honorably awarded with the Third-class Labor Medals by the President of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, along with the Traditional Flag and the Badge granted by HCMC Chairman of People’s Committee. Besides, the best 22 employees of Norfolk Group also received the Award of Excellence for their contributions to the development and success of the Company issued by the HCMC Chairman of People’s Committee.

On this special occasion, Norfolk Group continued sponsoring the “Luong Van Can” Funds organized by Doanh Nhan Sai Gon Newspaper with the value of VND$500,000,000

The Chief Executive Officer said: “Norfolk Group will continue to develop and contribute its part in building the country’s economics as well as participating in social activities in coming years, investing in training staff and improving quality of service to deserve the awards granted by the country and the city.