On April 14th 2018, The 19th Norfolk Golf Tournament was hold at The Bluff Ho Tram, which is one of top 100 best Golf Courses in the world. The tournament attracted 88 golfers who are all businessman & closed partners of Norfolk Group from all over the world.

This year, golfers have unfortunately missed all 4 “Hole in one” chances with 4 Audi cars as award. After hours of hard work, 88 golfers joined the dinner and awards ceremony at The Clubhouse – The Bluffs Ho Tram restaurant on the same night with exciting performance of art and lucky draw with a series of attractive prizes.


The 19th Norfolk Golf Tournament has successfully come to an end. Norfolk Group would like to express appreciation and look forward to continue to receive the sponsorship from sponsors, partners and golfers of the season as well as other Norfolk Group events in the future.


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